The Niyamas in Practice: Ishvaraprandhana, a Moment to Surrender

Those astute to my teaching and blogs will notice how much I enjoy creating playlists for classes, especially those based on a theme. Today the sounds of "Sweet Surrender" invade my mind and lead to this song. Perhaps a distraction, I'd rather think of it as a way of connecting internal thoughts to outside vibrations, and in this case thinking about Ishvarapranidhana, how to surrender The Self, thoughts, actions, Dharma to the greater good.

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The Niyamas in Practice: Svadhyaya for Self-Study

So we have made it to the third of the five Niyamas from The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, here we practice Svadhyaya, the study of the self.

As I write here today, I notice a subtle pressure on my neck, some sort of tension, strain that is calling to me. Of course I ignore it because there is a job to be done, a cup of coffee to drink, not to mention the laundry, dishes and we will NOT even think about the yard work that lays ahead.

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The Niyamas in Practice: Tapas to Transform

In the study of the Yoga Sutras and the process of Tapas, Patanjali invites the practitioner to continue cleansing (remember Sauca?) through the process of heat to help release impurities of the body and balance the senses. There is of course the "burning" of toxins through fasting, by moving the body to generate internal fire (think Sun Salutations) and we practice self-discipline to help facilitate practice of all the Yamas and Niyamas.

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