Asana for Exploration 7: Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose)

Overindulgence indeed: favorite pose and lavender!

Overindulgence indeed: favorite pose and lavender!

Without a doubt my FAVORITE pose EVER! Something about this asana just feels so right, like my happy place (when not on the beach!). This pose never fails to surprise me, it never feels the same, there is no way to anticipate what is going to happen, and yes I fall out of it all the time! One of the few poses where my ego just lets go and the body and mind somehow pull this together, my heart feels like it is smiling even as I crash to the floor.

Half-moon demands a certain level of balance, flexibility and strength to get into,  and a boat load of core awareness to hold. Perhaps it is the core connection, or energy from Manipura chakra, that gets the Pitta in me fired up!

The expansion of the arms and legs helps to facilitate vyana vayu, the energy that radiates from the center outward. The distance of the arms and legs away from the core center challenges balance in a deep and profound way and promotes the distribution of vital prana all over the body and out.

If you are going to try this one at home, consider using a wall to support the back of the body, and a chair to rest the supporting arm. If you decide to ditch the chair idea, have a yoga block ready this will help with stability allowing the lower arm to connect to the ground. Be mindful of the standing leg, avoiding any habits of "locking" into the joints. Stacking the top hip may prove to be problematic and cause some of the instability of the pose, i.e. falling out of it! Consider using the wall to press the foot of the lifted leg to increase your chances of success.

Drishti (gaze) can begin down and then slowly rise to the side and eventually to look at the top arm. The movement of the head and neck may in itself bring some sense of disconnection from the ground so stay rooted, allow the pose to manifest in the moment and seek liberation from all doubts about yourself as you think about life's possibilities.

Play with it, avoid any mental judgment and take this moment to learn something about yourself. If you still find your practice is challenging you and you are looking for some personal assistance, consider private sessions at my home studio in Avondale, PA.

Please Note: If this or any yoga pose caused direct pain, numbness or just does not feel right to you, please stop. Your yoga practice should never hurt, seek advice from a qualified instructor or a medical practitioner.