Things That I Am Loving Right Now

So, it is that time of year again, pinks and red, hearts and chocolate attract our attention, it is a Hallmark Holiday for sure. If you are looking to have some fun, play around a bit, get wild and crazy, this might be just the exercise you are looking for!

As a movement specialist I recognize that exercise in it's traditional form is not for everyone, but we are all designed to move (and be moved for that matter!), to grow and yes change. 

So grab a pen and a piece of paper, or perhaps print out this awesome Valentine's themed form:

V-Day Love.png

Simply start to jot down what you are loving at the movement, no need to question why, just recognize that these things are in your life. Let your heart fill will gratitude for all that is right here in front of you, rather than focusing on what you do not have, or have lost or are seeking. 

Recognizing bliss in the moment, taking time to acknowledge it and shout it out to the world may somehow lighten your load...

Oh, and be sure to make your way to a yoga class also, you know, just so that you can exercise.