Elemental Ayurveda: Ether to Hold Space

More subtle than Earth, Water, Fire and Air, the Ether element is associated with emotions and our mental condition, the space and the environment that connects us to feelings of hate and love, desire and anger, etc.

Qualities of the Ether element include: cold, dry, light, subtle, liquid, mobile, sharp, soft, smooth and clear. This element is associated with our sense of sound and the organ of action is the mouth which allows us to express ourselves through right speech. 

A Yin sequence follows with an emphasis on recognizing spaces: the body, the breath, the mind and how you connect to space off the mat. Read more about this element by following the link here:

Please Note: If this or any yoga pose caused direct pain, numbness or just does not feel right to you, please stop. Your yoga practice should never hurt, seek advice from a qualified instructor or a medical practitioner.