New Beginnings

Thinking of Chakra trash, how to unload that which no longer serves us

Thinking of Chakra trash, how to unload that which no longer serves us

The first of the month and the day was spent clearing out a lot of junk from my home office. Funny how quickly dust settles in and gets EVERYWHERE along with the cat and dog hairs; we get busy, there are other priorities and only so many waking hours in the day. But then there is a catalyst, a spark that motivates you (what phase is the moon in...) am I alone here?

Once the process started this morning it was kind of easy to keep going once I could see that progress was being made and the results were really clear and easy to see. A big trash bag is ready to go out, a bunch of boxes in the recycle bin and magically new places were found to organize the STRANGEST things that I discovered hidden and pushed aside. After 8 hours it is ALL done, thank goodness for that iced coffee earlier.

Yeah, this is so like life! How often do we actively choose to cleanse, not dishes, laundry, counter tops (although it is really nice having an empty sink!), but our minds, our habits, our souls? Clutter sinks in and weighs us down, not the same way as a pint of Ben & Jerry's, the dust settles into those areas we do not want to re-visit or explore for fear or anxiety or lack of will, whatever. And there are consequences, maybe not at first, maybe it takes time, maybe there is a trigger and things come crashing in.

New beginnings do not happen only January 1st, there are opportunities all around us to complete a cycle and begin anew. With eyes wide open maybe we are able to see more clearly, make choices mindfully, move with grace and ease.

Oh, that home office, it was moved from the basement to a room at ground level, light is a beautiful thing.

Peace and Blessings

P.S. I LOVE Swiffer dusters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!