"Open Wide and Say Aaahhhh..."

When the energy of Vishuddha is in balance, we vibrate in tune to our own song and in harmony with those around us

When the energy of Vishuddha is in balance, we vibrate in tune to our own song and in harmony with those around us

So did you ever go to the doctor, perhaps for a regular check-up when you were younger or when you were older and had a sore throat? The doctor would pull out a tongue depressor and say something like: “Open wide and say Aaahhh…”?

Not so sure why this came to my mind recently when emailing back and forth with another yogini after she had inspired me to begin this blog after meeting for coffee. Her open and honest comments and observations did not necessarily leave me gaging, rather lead me off on a train of thought about how my words get stuck in my throat. 

When we find that we are restricted, unable to speak up, speak out, we are essentially allowing that gag reflex to take over. So what past events in life helped to facilitate this stalling of energy? Well, that my dear, would take a novel to explore. Understanding throat chakra energy is something that has been part of my self-discovery over the past several  years.

Here is the thing…To balance the words we speak we must be able to listen, to hear without a filter, hold space for another, let go of the need to judge, to interrupt. The action of speaking demands that we be heard and we actively send our energy out to the listener. Then an exchanged begins, giving and taking, taking and giving and then before you know it two hours flew by and it is time to move on. Yeah, the coffee helped!

This leads to how we operate our own energy fields and who we allow to enter this space. You may not have an active choice like at work or at a family gathering, but then there are times that you do have a choice, are we actively/mindfully making these choices?

Self-study revealed a quirky little habit that I have of gravitating towards those who are more comfortable with their own voice (love TED talks…any TED-heads out there?). Looking back this forms some sort of symbiosis where each is happy to accommodate the others strength, i.e. good listener/active speaker. Sound at all familiar? It is time to break this habit, through awareness, conscious decisions and a sense of my own internal power. Find your voice, it is inside somewhere, I promise you.

Now what if, when you went to the doctor, they pull out that tounge depressor and  they could see and hear this energetic imbalance? Instead of medicine, maybe mantra would be prescribed? …or set up a coffee date with someone that allows you to find balance.

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