Our Bodies in Movement

Movement should be fluid, pain free and serve a purpose

Movement should be fluid, pain free and serve a purpose

This last weekend was a little crazy, filled with all those chores and errands associated with being human, always something to do. As the forces of these responsibilities play on my day it never ceases to amaze me how we are designed to move and to move with purpose.  “I am actively driving to the supermarket” speaks to movement from point A to point B, so that I can provide nourishment to myself and my family. And yes, ice cream is nourishment. And yes it is the car that moves me, if I biked the ice cream would melt, silly.

When movement shifts to more recreational activities such as running, hiking, swimming, biking, etc. moving is not necessarily less purposeful, rather it seems to me that it becomes more a mind game. “I know I should exercise because this is good for me” or “I always feel really good when I’m done” or “if I can burn “x” number of calories I can eat “y”. Having brought this to the table, I know plenty of folk who do not actively participate in any cardio-vascular exercise yet still enjoy movement.

Which brings us to the practices of Yoga, Pilates and Feldenkrais, and other mindful movement systems under the banner “mind, body, spirit”. These energetic systems meld movement of the body with the breath and in so link the mind and spirit helping to facilitate union. Typically someone resists this type of practice with the monkey mind howling “I’m not flexible enough”, “I’ve never been flexible”, “my hamstrings/ hips/ shoulders/xxx are too tight”. And on the flip side there are practitioners who are quite addicted to their mats and avoid other movement systems all together, they are no less stuck than the other extreme.

Now call to mind someone you may know who loves to hit the gym but heads straight for the weight room, eager to pump that iron. Intentionally working a practice that draws on strength physically and mentally, working the body (often) to extremes and then downing that protein shake. Motivated by whatever reasons drawn them in, perhaps it is a sport or it is the thought of having that ideal beach body.

So, what draws you into movement? Do you actively think about your purpose each session or has your Thursday evening class simply become a habit? Are you actively seeking balance though systems that challenge the cardio respiratory system, energetic systems and physical strength and stamina. When was the last time you tried something new, took your mind outside of its comfort zone? I’m not looking to preach, honestly, just bring conscious awareness to your decision making patterns.

And as a reminder, you are flexible enough, you are strong enough, you are good enough, what you seek is already within you! Please consider working with me in private one-on-one sessions or contact me if you have any questions about services offered by The Growing Room.