Asana for Exploration 8: Uttanasana or Paschimottanasana (forward Fold Poses)

Try using one block at the feet and another between the inner thighs

Try using one block at the feet and another between the inner thighs

Consider for a moment letting go. Letting go of something. It might be a negative thought pattern, a conversation you had with someone that upset you, or maybe a habit you cling desperately to. Got one? Let's go!

Setting up into a forward fold may require some further self study, this time understanding your physical body. Take time first in Tadasana (mountain pose) to evaluate where you are, being mindful of tightness, pain, a sense of holding on or gripping. Call into the energy of the Bandhas, root lock, belly and core and bring to mind once more, what are you holding onto?

Begin to take a deep breath in, with the exhale start to fold through the spine, taking your time to pause, breathe and feel. Rise back up at any time if this is too much of a strain on your back! If the call of gravity brings you forward and there is no pain, continue to release down to a set of blocks the floor, even the seat of a chair will work. Int he version pictured, I like to bring the backs of my hands to the mat, palms upward to create a greater sense of connection to my shoulders and the back of the heart.

If there is tension in the neck or shoulders consider gently nodding your head forward and back a few times as if to say "yes! I can release" or any affirmation that speaks to you Shaking the head side to side perhaps speak to that which you do not need "NO, this does not serve my highest self". Maybe take hold of opposite elbows and rock sided to side. You are a well, and energy pump, drawn up water from the ground and visualize as it runs down the back of the body and washes through to the top of the crown and back  the Earth. This is how we cleanse.

After a few complete breaths place your hands, fingers and palms on the tops of the feet, front of the shins or thighs, where ever they can reconnect you completely to your self. Complete this circuit of energy as you draw in up from the ground, articulating the spine back to standing, reaching arms over head and then back by your sides.

Stay in the moment. Close your eyes, breathe into it. Remember asana is experiential, not just in the body. You have moved into conscious awareness through actions, thought and breath. Your brain is re-wiring itself, finding new connections and just as easy as that was, you can release that which you do not need. 

Goodbye, adios, au revious, toodle-loo!

The link below will connect you to a form "Learn to Let Go of the Unnecessary" to help document your journey. Let me know how it goes and I invite you toshare your experiences in the comments below!

Please Note: If this or any yoga pose caused direct pain, numbness or just does not feel right to you, please stop. Your yoga practice should never hurt, seek advice from a qualified instructor or a medical practitioner.