When We Need Protection

Still trying to understand the symbolism of the shadow being cast by my son as he takes the picture.

Still trying to understand the symbolism of the shadow being cast by my son as he takes the picture.

Yesterday began as a normal day, usual events at work, some planned, some unplanned, perfectly normal. When we are in the flow living moment to moment all things become possible, and indeed that is exactly what happened. The calmly written text came through on my cell phone from my youngest son that he had been in a car accident and not to worry, he was OK. 

About 30 minutes from the location of the accident I arrive to find that he was walking alone on the road, heading to his class on campus, his 4th day as a freshman at PSU Brandywine Camplus. He had arranged for the car to be towed, called the police, and insisted he came out without a scratch. Jumping into the car it was all I could do not to hug and hold him close to me and drown him in kisses, but a little voice told me that this 19 year old giant would be really annoyed by such actions. Instead, I allow him to hand me the police report and the business card of the towing company that took the car.

We get to campus and after about 45 minutes all logistics were handled: towing to auto body shop closer to home, insurance report, call to the other driver, arrangements for a rental. As he decompressed, mouthing off, the testosterone working it's way out of his system, it was so apparent that the injury was not physical, rather mental.

Trauma sets into our being in so many ways, physically, mentally, energetically. Pausing to recognize it, accept it for what it is and then working WITH it to move on begins the healing process. How often do traumatic events happen in our lives and we just work through the logistics without realizing the more subtle effects that they leave with us?

In yoga these are called Samskaras, from the Sanskrit Sam meaning "complete/joined together" and "kara" meaning cause, action or doing. They are like individual pit marks or scars on our psyche, I liken them to scratches on a vinyl record, a little hiss, pop, scratch or a skip in the music. For anyone who used to listen to music on a record player you probably could even predict when those little imperfections in the song would occur, annoyed when they first occurred but after a while you accept them, and perhaps block them out.

Children are brought into the world of your flesh, but their spirits are God given, surrendering to the will of the Universe how can we as mothers and fathers offer our protection as they leave the nest? This morning I was called to this mantra:

Om Dum Durgayei Namaha

"Om and salutations to who is beautiful to the seeker of truth and terrible in appearance to those who would injure devotees of truth"

When practicing japa, the sounds of the words translate through intention of the mind, will of the body and energy of the breath to create a powerful means to heal. Visual, use hearts intention filled with love to use this mantra anytime you feel that you or a loved one need protection. Indeed, one round of the mala for youngest son, one round for the oldest and my work is complete, the rest is up to them and the Universe.

Safe travels to you, Namaste!