The Yamas In Practice: Speaking my Satya

2.36 Satya Pratisthayam Kriya Phala Ashrayatvam
As truthfulness (satya) is achieved, the fruits of actions naturally result according to the will of the Yogi.
— Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

As I begin to write about Satya, how this, the second of the 5 inward practices (Yamas) of the 8-limb path, influences my daily life, it just so happens that it is Sunday, April 1st, and the significance of this should not be lost. I scour social media for silly news items, who has the best April Fools joke this year? My vote goes to the Chocolate Whopper.

We could talk about the current political environment in which lies are now commonplace and taken for granted, not just from low level government employees but The President himself. Perhaps in my eagerness to share and build this relationship between us I am tempted to draw you into the negative thought patterns that I have been sucked into over the last year or more. So, I begin to search for a really cool info graphic to allow you to relate to this yoga sutra, however, I'm left uninspired. Should I make my own?  No, that will take a lot of time. How can this concept of being truthful be broken down into a practice?

Well, BOOM, here it is, right before your eyes, the truth unfolds through thoughts (what is this crazy lady on about?) and actions (oh, she is still typing). There is obviously input through the senses that guides me in the process of digesting thoughts, deciding is this truth or false, how shall I buy into the situation, what is my reaction to be?

Burdened with some serious throat chakra issues for most of my life, it was not easy to speak my truth despite being able to clearly recognize situations that called for honesty and action. I've been witness to injustices in the world and felt stuck, unable to help myself, or others for that matter. But yoga teacher training changed so much for me and it may be that you also have found yourself stuck or unsure how to speak to a situation.

Perhaps Stephen Colbert can help to elighten us...

On a slightly more serious note, our yoga practice calls for living a life of truth, honesty in words, thoughts and actions. When paired with the previously discussed yama, Ahimsa, we are guided on a path that frees us from entanglement, complications, tension and quite possibly pain.

When in your life did you find it difficult to speak your truth? Are you guided to seek the truth or are you stuck in patterns of buying into the falsehoods of others?

Try this for a week: be open, honest, truthful with non-violence and see how your energy shifts. Do not be surprised if you choose not to buy into that click-bait, or decided not to connect with someone in your life who you now see is not someone to be trusted.

Find your truth, open your eyes, your mind to seeing and living in the truth.

~Peace, light and love to all.~