Elemental Ayurveda: Earth to Ground

In Ayurveda, the element of Earth known as "Pritvhi" is associated with the bones and skull, the intestines, muscles, skin, hair and nails. Think solid stuff! Along with the other four elements of Water, Fire, Air and Ether, the Earth element is part of the food that we take in and process.

The Earth element has qualities of being cold, dry, heavy, gross, solid, static, dull, hard, rough and cloudy. The Earth element is associated with our sense of smell and and the organ of action is the anus which allow us to eliminate unwanted, unneeded elements of our food. 

As you connect with your mat with the sequence below, identify with this Earth element through the qualities listed. The Yin practice is designed to connect to your sense of being grounded and comfortable in stillness; observe where the mind wanders and call yourself back to your awareness of the connection to your mat. Enjoy!

Please Note: If this or any yoga pose caused direct pain, numbness or just does not feel right to you, please stop. Your yoga practice should never hurt, seek advice from a qualified instructor or a medical practitioner.